Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Why, little ole me?

Given all the blogs out there, I'm sort of shocked to find people reading mine. The purpose of this blog is first and foremost, a writing exercise. I actually do like to write and sometime I have a hard time finishing a complete thought because I'm way on to the next one before I can get it all down. Not an uncommon problem for a person with ADD, but I've taught myself lots of tricks to help get me through (so no comments on my spelling are allowed).

Since I don't have a home computer, there are no pictures to download. I don't advertise the blog like some of my fellow writer friends do. And I have yet to even begin to blog on the initial purpose of this blog which was to be a crafting tourists tour of the city. I mean, if your gonna go to Smiley's, you might as well take a look at the things Queen's has to offer along the way.

So, why would anybody read about my dates? Anyway, since it seems like some people can't help themselves, I would like to lay a few ground rules for comments.

A. Be accurate. For example the previous post mentioned a sidewalk leading to the Queen's side off Roosevelt island, but yet they failed to mention for how long this sidewalk has been closed. That's sort of like telling me that it's easy to peddle accross the GW bridge despite the fact I can't carry my bike up all those stairs (It's a 15 year old Raleigh one speed with foot breaks, not a nice lightweight model) because the bike path has been closed. And no, I can't push it up 5 flights of 2 inch ramps that steep either. Please feel free to try it out, especially after peddling the darn thing from Brooklyn.

B. Be current. I'm a scientist. I always check out the latest information and I happen to love historical background. You don't think i checked out a simple thing like are there bridges in and out of Roosevelt Island? I was on a date and I like to walk and it's a lot easier to kill time moving than sitting still (although the tram isn't a bad thing, but who likes to be in a cattle car crowded with smelly strangers and kids).

C. Don't you dare assume I haven't checked my facts. Let me explain something, I refused to have my name used as an author to a paper because I felt my supervisor was misrepresenting facts. Yes, technically you could say X, but the truth was X was not happening (I was the one there, wasn't I and i would have been the one to benefit if X was happening the most, but I'm too honest to falsify and disrespect my research and hard work by lying) and I don't LIE, mislead, dissimilate or any such thing. Am I perfect, no. But I darn well do the right thing when the right thing needs to be done.

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