Monday, August 4, 2008

Hair at the Delacourt --- YUMMMMM

Okay, the nice nerdy guy invited me to see Hair at the Delacourt. He lived on the upper east side and he's used to getting up early to wait on line for tickets. How does a girl say no?

The actors were incredible. The art of the craft is very visible when the actors are throwing out there energy to entice an audience that is used to being a passive observer. I did do my best to try and give them back the energy they needed, but I was caught in the awkward position of being with a guy who is a stump on a log. Like many of us learned long ago, it's important to make others comfortable and one of the easiest ways to do that is to mimic their behavior (Psychology 101). Hey, many bird species have perfected this into a mating ritual. So, here I am trying to be kind to my host, a man who has woken up at 5am to get tickets on my behalf, by not participating and being a passive observer. My problem is that by doing that I'm being disrespectful to the actors who quite literally (and emotionally) stand naked before you in order for you to lose yourself in the moment.

So here is my sincerest appologies to all the actors in last nights performance. Especially poor George Berger who came up behind us only to find my date and I sitting their instead of standing and clapping with the rest of them. You all deserve better than what I gave, and my friend will have to explain his own behavior in another venue. You were all great, absolutly incredible and I think this revival definetly has it's own meaning and I happen to know it wasn't lost on most of us.

If somebody in the company happens to read this (and I'm amazed by who actually does read my blog) please let the rest know that in tribute to your performance I will be making and donating 10 lap blankets appropriate to soldiers in wheel chairs, will knit 10 helmet protectors for soldiers in combat, will donate 10 knitted children's sweaters to afghans for afghans and continue to volunteer with Disabled Sports USA which works with injured soldiers returning from war (okay, so I would have done this one anyway and have been for the past 3 years, but it's an important organization and I thought it deserved a mention).

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