Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Free Cycle

I love the concept of Free Cycle simply because I can be such a pack rat waiting to find a person who can use that exact item I just don't want anymore. Let's face it, most of my electronics come second or third hand. What I can't believe is how picky people are about free stuff.

My new roommate brought a TV with her and since my old TV has been failing for ages, I decided to find if somebody wanted to take it off my hands. You would not beleive the response:

"Please send pictures"

"Does it have a remote control"

"Can you hold onto it for another month when I get back to Brooklyn"

"Do you live in a building with an elevator?"

Common people, it's a free very large TV. Okay, so the colors off and it needs to be smacked around on occassion, but it's certainly good enough to watch DVDs on or find out the local weather.

Over Memorial day I posted a joke to Freecycle. I asked for a free cookout. Not a charcoal grill, but all the food (top quality of course) drinks, chairs, cooler and a frisbee. I said I'd pick up in the park or on the beach. The sad part is that some people didn't get the joke. I actually got an e-mail from a reporter wondering if they could report on my Freecycle experience with food. I obviously didn't hear back from them when i clued them in to the Sarcasm of the post.

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